Gower specific short URLs - A useful tool for anyone with a business in the Gower area and:

- who is on Twitter and would like to direct people to their web page or website for more information and photos about what they offer.
- who wants to include a web address in a text message or advert but is short of space
- wants something quick to quote over the phone or on business cards

Short URLs can be pointed at any web address or long URL.

An example of a short URL would be gower.eu/spesh which goes to the Special Offers board on my website - (http://www.the-gower.com/special_offers/index.php).

I am currently offering the short URL for only £10 per annum (subject to review).

If you would like a short URL, it would be gower.eu/something where the ‘something’ would be agreed between yourself and I and will be subject to availability.

Don’t forget - you can’t get this customised Gower short URL anywhere else!

Email me through the form or phone 01792 390339 for more info.